Bow legged correction

----making legs look more perfect

      Our bow legged correction bandage will not only correct the condition of knock knees and bow legs, but also it will help you to correct due to bad walking habits and the formation of unsightly leg curve. Balance the leg muscles and tighten legs bone, then let the legs changed to be more straight.


Bow legs, the leg deformity genu varum, a condition in which the legs curve outwards like a bow between the ankle and the thigh.


      Lack of calcium and genetic factors is the 2 basic causes of bow-leg. But the immediate cause is the poor posture of standing, walking and sitting. Catwalk, sit cross-legged, kneeling and walking in high heels for a long time will force the knees outwards, and then, the stress will pulls the ectal ligament of the knee-joint and make it becoming lax.

      The inside and outside ligaments of knee-joint play an important role in the stability of the knee's angle. Varus deformity of the knee may be present, depending upon the predomif involvement of the medial joint compartment. The inner ligament with greater strength pulls the shins inward because of the outside ligament laxity,

      Thus it can be seen that Varus ain't mean that your bone is bent. It can be corrected by nonoperative treatment.

Burden of bow legs

      Normally, the stress was equally distributed on the knee-joints. Due to the Varus, the weight of body focus on the inside knee-joint. Finally, the inside cartilage facet of the knee-joint will be wore and the tibial plateau will be collapsed by excessive pressure and undue friction. When you getting old, it’ll cause you suffers from joint pains and impair the ability to walk.


      There are two kinds of method in common use. One of is the surgical treatments, and the other one is conservative treatments with bow legged correction bandage. (Combined with exercise)

      1. Surgical treatments is suitable for the , Normally, the surgical treatment is expensive and hurts, and you have to get rest more than 2 months after the operation, and it has so many side effects.


2. The conservative treatments is the way try to restore the stable structure of inside and outside knee-joint through loosen the inside ligament of knee-joint. Costs less, less risky.

Bow legged correction

Correction Principle of Bow legged correction bandage

      Utilizing the effort of physical traction to relax the nervous accessory ligament which is at the inner side of knee-joint, thus to adjust knee-joints' ligament and to balance the power of joint capsules.

      And then applying the pull of lateral collateral ligament to turn the bone of lower legs outward, resulting in the purpose of recovering the normal angle of knee joint.


1. To correct bowlegs or knock knees.
2. To correct the ugly leg curve caused by bad habits of walking, long-time bad postures, incorrect habits of exerting your strength.
3. To make lady’s legs more straight which will let your legs looked longer than before. Our product will give your more confidence to wear all those beautiful short skirts and shorts.
4. To help juveniles and adults correcting the leg bones and balancing the leg muscle, aim at being more upright.

Lycra fabric is a kind of product to make legs into more beautiful and charming shape.
To correct the ugly leg curve caused by bad habits of walking.
To help juveniles and adults correcting the leg bones and balance the leg muscle, aim at being more upright. 
This product can be used in the course of watching TV, studying, relaxing. The effect will be better if you increase the wrapping time properly.
Bow legged Genu valgum Genu recurvatum Genu Varus Bandy legs Knock Knees  Dissatisfactory legs  Not straight legs
Insist on wearing   straight legs   easily rectified

1. belly band will make your waist slender and reshape your waist

2. the upper legs closes together tightly to reach the goal of shaping up.

3. tighten the space under the knock knees.

4. four bandages act on waist, thigh, knee joint and the calf at the same time.

Crotch is narrowing charming walking  graceful figure sexier prevention of arthritis more self-confidence greater beauty be free to dress  look taller

Structure of product:

High-grade selected material exquisite producing Trustworthy because of profession

1. Using the high-tech materials: Neoprene, N double-sided cloth and Lycra fabric.
2. Manufacture is required strictly. The needlework is firm. The size are all designed standardly.
3. Characters: the fabric is comfortable to skins, soft and strong.Tiny, exquisite stitching, can be very protective for the leg skins and bones. The stitching and sewing will not loose out, the size will not become larger for using for a long time. Durability and high efficiency.


Using adjustable Velcro tape is more care for both legs comfortably

      Every one' s leg shape is not the same. The same product could not be suitable for any client' s size. So Lycra fabric leg correction bandage using the Velcro tape in the joint place.

      We are doing our best to select the adjustable Velcro tape material to meet the requirements of each customer.Trust us,we will provide the most thoughtful consideration and service for you from the beginning.

Procedures: 1.Sit down and let the bottoms of your feet against the wall. Stretch out your arms furthest to catch the ankles, bend upper body for 10 times, each time keep 3seconds to 5 seconds.
2.Lie down, keep your palms up, arms close to body and make sure that your spine is upright. Keeping the head still.3.Tilet your toes & ankles to the head' s direction. 4.Repeat the second the third processes.5.Lift up your legs to about 30cm and then put down based on the forth procedure. 6.Relax now, stretch out your body and adjust your breath for 5 seconds. After adjusting, repeat the actions as above.

Exercise for 20 minutes to 30 minutes in the whole process

5 to 10 times per week

In accordance with the personal ages and the different degrees of the legs shape, generally keep using for three months to half a year will produce visible results.


1.Do not wrap by using strong power.

2.Try your best to close your legs and standing upright when you are wrapping the belts.

3.It is banned from using it during pregnancy. If legs numb, than decrease using time.

4.Use neutral detergent to wash it by hands. Do not twist, let it dry by naturally.

5.Our product is not suitable for the people over 45 years old for it is harder to correct the final shaped legs.

Size Chart:

Size Height Weight Remark PayPal
S 100-130CM less than 30Kg over 30kg, select size M Add to cart
M 130-150CM less than 50Kg over 50kg, select size L Add to cart
L 150-170CM less than 65Kg over 65kg, select size XL Add to cart
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Yes, since "bowlegs" is the most common term for all bandy leg types, this remedy also applies for all kinds of curved legs, such as knock knees.


1 Knock Knees Correction
Correction of a knock knees curvature
Goal: to bring the ankles together
Knock Knees Correction


Bow Legs Correction
Correction of a bow legs crookedness Goal: to connect the knees together
Bow Legs Correction


Correction of the false curvature.
Goal: Go bring the contour for the legs to desired form. To give the muscles a more desired look, as well.
Correction of the false curvature


Giving the legs a beautiful, aesthetic look.
Goal: to get rid of the excess fat tissue in the problem areas and to give muscles more tone.
Giving the legs a beautiful, aesthetic look

Following the provided instructions, you won' t have to break out of your life' s natural rhythm and lifestyle. It will be enough to devote 20-to-30 minutes per day to the physical training and exercise, and you will be surprised by the results:

w Your leg bones and muscles will strengthen! The forms of your buttocks, thighs, and shins will be incredible!
j Your walk and posture will change!
j You can start to wear skimpier, revealing swim suits without shunning the public!

You will notice increasing attention from the opposite sex! Your legs will gain a more sexually-appealing look!

j You will prevent the development of certain joint-related illnesses!
j You will not be ashamed anymore of your appearance and will have a better and fulfilled life
j You will have all the chance to choose variety of wardrobes to fit you and will be fashionable all the time.
j You will definitely enjoy your new looks and build more self-confidence.

Your legs and thighs will always be in shape!


And last but not least, you will fix the problem of crooked legs that' s been virtually poisoning your life for years - ONCE AND FOR ALL!

These are a part of authenticated cases, wanna be one of them? purchase the Bow legged correction and then you'll be next one of them

Show your slim legs, straight legs now!
Show your slim legs, straight legs now!
Show your slim legs, straight legs now!
Show your slim legs, straight legs now!

Tips of correction

1. Walking backward 8 steps each time, please note to keep going straight and landing heel first.

2. To exercise the thigh inside muscles. Feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, and Squat down and stand up with inward tilted feet, exercise 3-5 times daily, 15 minutes per time.

3. Sat straight up with your legs as tightly together as possible whenever you have time. That will not only correct your bow leg but also make your thighs thin.


      Are you having difficulty of finding methods to make legs to be more ideal? If you are still feeling self-conscious and self-abased or unsatisfied for having bowed legs/Genu Varus or knock knees/Genu Valgus, and if you are looking for a best way to make your legs more straight and to getting in a good shape for looking better, now good news comes, Lycra fabric bow legged correction & straighten unsatisfied legs adjustable correction bandage is invented and has gotten national patent. With our Lycra fabric bandage, it will improve those legs conditions naturally and balance your legs to be more upright and beautiful.

      Well, except wrapping bandage correction, surgery is recommended by most doctors includes an entire knee replacement surgery. Nearly every one hears about surgery will be scared because of the extremely pain after anesthetic wears off, also the ugly surgical scars will affect legs beauty. So more and more people would choose a natural way instead of legs surgery, do not be pessimistic, with persistence and keeping using our Lycra fabric legs correction belt in accordance with our practicing actions regularly, when the days are ticking by and legs are improving bit by bit, you will notice the changing. If knock-knee curve is caused by over-weight, then you' d better lose weight firstly and then if your legs regain beauty, that would be great. How to get skinny legs? How to cure bow legged naturally? How to correct unsatisfied legs shape? Try our product and exercise under the instructions showed, your legs will be more and more attractive.

      Our product is different from the other legs belt products. We have the obvious design characters that four bandages act on four body positions, waist, thigh, knee joint and the calf. In the meantime, the lateral sides buckle design will strengthen the stationarity. Our correction bandage will not only act on legs, but also the belly band will make your waist slender and reshape your waist. Every summer season, ladies can wear the short skirts as their wishes. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Practicing correctly and regularly, you will gain what you are hard working for. Our common goal is to have better and ideal legs.